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Začátečník NVC a Erasmus Dlouhodobý


Adam Čajka

Adam Čajka

facilitátor, lektor certifikovaný CNVC


Adam Čajka

Adam Čajka

facilitátor, lektor certifikovaný CNVC

International training of Nonviolent communication

About the project

„Communication: Agent of Change“ is a two-phase international training of Nonviolent communication, designed for youth workers, social workers, trainers and generally people who work with people on regular basis, are facing difficult communication situations and want to learn how to approach them in a different way. We see a need to bring a new approach that fosters compassion and mutual understanding, as the opposite to radicalisation of youth. For this, a new communication language is needed in order to be able to create authentic connections in a space accepting and open to diversity of opinions.This project offers space to learn about Nonviolent communication, practice it and bring it back to our personal and professional lives. It is a long-term project that requires a continuous involvement of participants and offers intensive and practical experience.

In the two trainings, you will learn and develop:

  • Self-connection and grounding even in difficult situations
  • More empathetic approach towards others
  • Making clear requests
  • Dealing with group dynamics
  • Ability to have constructive discussions about roots of other people ́s opinions and attitudes
  • Practicing mediation and coaching skills in conflict situations among our clients or young people we work with
  • Ability to adapt our language and expression to the level of our communication partners

Project phases:

  1. Preparation: Selection of participants, connecting with your national team, learning goals, planning within national groups. Preparation online task.
  2. Basic NVC training: 7 days of training in the Czech Republic (14. – 20. 8. 2019)
  3. Implementation and integration time: Individual activities of participants in their countries
  4. Advanced NVC training: 7 days of training in the Czech Republic (13. – 19. 8. 2019)
  5. Implementation, dissemination: Application of learning, dissemination events
  6. Evaluation and closing: Online evaluation of impact of the training, 2 months after the training
If you decide to apply for this training, bear in mind that you are committing yourself to all phases of this project. It is not possible to participate only in one of the two trainings.

The project is for you if:

  • you are officially a resident of the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain
  • you are 18+ years old
  • you are able to work in English
  • you work with people on regular basis – i.e. as a youth worker, social worker, trainer, facilitator, volunteer, educator
  • you are facing difficult communication situations in your work and you need new tools to handle them
  • you are committed to apply what you learn after the training in your city, team, organization, friends, in the next few months
  • you are a constant learner and want to learn more about yourself and others
  • you are willing to actively participate during an intensive daily programme

Training dates:

14. – 20. 8. 2019 + 13. – 19. 10. 2019


The projects is funded through Erasmus+ programme which means that food, accommodation, programme, materials and travel costs according to the given distance bands (check infoletter) are fully covered.

Participants contribution:

100 EUR for both trainings

Infopack with detailed information to download

Application form

Click here

Application deadline: 9th June 2019 (participants will be selected after the application deadline)

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us on erasmusplus@nenasilnakomunikace.org

Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.