Sobota 09. 09. 2023
09:00 - 17:00

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Neděle 10. září 2023 - 09:00


Cenrum Syřiště NaZemi, Brno, Kounicova 42

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Délka kurzu: 13 hod.

Cena: Sliding scale. The range is 3300 – 4500 Kč (or more). Kč

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Hana Švábíková

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Frank Gaschler: What would LOVE have heard?

We are honored to invite you to a workshop with the German lecturer Frank. The whole weekend will be dedicated to the topic of empathy from diverse points of view. It will be a time full of practice and sharing.

The workshop is intended for those who have already participated in an introductory workshop to nonviolent communication and are thus familiar with the basic terminology and principles.


What would LOVE have heard?

Love would have belonged to heal the pain that lies hidden deep inside us. It would have belonged to warm our hearts and make us feel loved and appreciated. Love would have belonged to foster forgiveness and compassion and to help us settle our differences.

It would have belonged to supporting us in difficult times and comforting us when we feel lost. Love would have belonged to alleviate our fears and worries and give us confidence that all can be well. It would have belonged to encouraging us to pursue our dreams and supporting us to reach our full potential.

Love would have belonged to creating harmony and connection in our relationships. It would have belonged to show us that true love is unconditional and accepts us as we are. It would have belonged to teach us how to be there for each other and support each other.

Love would have belonged to spread goodness and humanity in the world. It would have belonged to inspire us to help others and show them love. Love would have belonged to accepting our differences and reminding us that we are all connected.

Unfortunately, there are times when love is not heard. Misunderstandings, selfishness and indifference can stifle love. But even in such moments, love is still there, waiting to be heard. It is up to us to open our hearts and listen to love so that it can resound in our lives again.

Because ultimately, love is one of the most beautiful and powerful forces we possess. When we listen to love, it can work miracles and enrich our lives in ways we cannot imagine.


Sliding scale. The range is 3300 – 4500 Kč (or more). We want to make it possible for those for whom a higher amount would be a barrier to participate. The amount covers travel, room rental, Frank’s lecturer fee and accommodation.

About Frank Gaschler

I am a CNVC certified trainer and assessor in the certification process of the CNVC.
My current passion revolves around the 4 life themes: To be welcome – without having to do anything for it, to have a space for which I can also stand up, to be held in trust instead of having to control, and be alive instead of fulfilling others‘ life dreams.
My passion is to experiment with NVC outside the box, far away from the boundaries of words and language. Therefore I like to concentrate on intuition, empathic presence and body language. My social change project „Giraffe Dream“ aims at introducing and spreading NVC in kindergartens and primary schools. This program has become the biggest social change project in this field.
I live with Gundi, my wife, near Munich, Germany.